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Norris Square Community Action Network-NSCAN 
!Aqui Estamos, Aqui nos Quedamos!

Group photo-NSCAN-2021.jpg

Our History

In 2019, a group of neighbors came together to form the Norris Square Community Action Network (NSCAN). Since then, we have been organizing residents and working with many groups from the area to improve the section known as Norris Square in the Southwest Kensington area.

We are neighbors fighting for equitable development, affordable housing and homeownership opportunities (priced according to community needs), improvements in health and economic outcomes, clean and safer streets, social justice, and a fair share of government resources.

NSCAN seeks to provide a vehicle through which homeowners and renters, and small business owners, could share concerns and ideas, organize and mobilize to help shape their built-environment and the future of their neighborhood.

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